NBYC HOUSE Rules (Revised 2016)


1. Hours of Opening and Closing:

The Clubhouse and Bar will be open as indicated in the Sailing and Social Programme or at other times by prior arrangement with the Duty Manager.

Alteration to the published times may take place at the discretion of a Flag Officer, the Chair of the Social Committee, the Duty Manager; or by the Caterer in consultation with one of the afore mentioned.  

2. Licensing ACT 2003: 

The Clubhouse and the land adjoining known as the “island”, apart from the North Lawn, are relevant premises.

It is an offence for a person under the age of 18 knowingly to consume alcohol on the relevant premises.  This includes alcohol brought ashore from boats or from any other source. 

It is an offence for an adult to buy or supply alcohol to any person under 18. 

It is an offence for those in authority to allow such offences to take place.

Children in the Bar

All persons under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst in the bar, except when purchasing food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Pushchairs and the like are only permitted in the bar if sufficient room is available and they do not cause an obstruction.  Fire exits must be kept clear.

3. Tariff of Charges: A Tariff of Charges shall be exhibited in the Clubhouse, for food and beverages, and at the Bar. 

4. Food and Beverages:  Members are strongly discouraged from consuming their own food or beverages within the Clubhouse except where children are involved.

5. Smoking:

To comply with the Law, the Clubhouse, Bar and Veranda when enclosed, are designated as non-smoking areas, this also includes electronic cigarettes.

6. Visitors:  Constitution, paragraph 7

Members shall have the privilege of introducing up to three visitors at any one time provided such visitor(s) have not been rejected as candidates for election, or that their name has not been struck off the List of Members.

The member must enter the details of such visitor(s) in the book provided.

The member introducing visitor(s) shall be held responsible for the character and status of the visitor(s) being such as will be acceptable to members, and for their infringement of any of these House Rules.

With the exception of Wroxham Week, Monday to Saturday, no person may come as a visitor to the Clubhouse or any other part of the Club premises and grounds on more than six individual days in any one year,

The Club, acting through any Flag Officer and / or the Duty Manager may extend temporary membership to visiting members of national or international yacht clubs or bona fide yachtsmen for such period or periods, and at such fee as the Management Committee may approve.

Any Flag Officer and / or the Duty Manager may withdraw the right to use any or all of the facilities of the Club from any non- member or temporary member without giving any reason.

7. Dress Code:

Members and visitors should be properly attired at all times within the Clubhouse area and in accordance with any specific dress code for functions out of respect for fellow Club members.  No swim wear or similar is allowed within the Clubhouse area.

8. Payments:

Members and visitors must discharge all liabilities incurred.  If any member or visitor fails to do so, the Duty Manager shall request immediate payment; omission to comply with this request shall be deemed a default and render the member liable to expulsion.  In the case of a visitor such omission shall cause refusal of further entry to the Club premises and will prohibit an application for membership until such time as the liability is discharged.

9. Club Property:

No member shall remove any property belonging to the Club unless with the agreement of a Flag Officer and / or the Duty Manager. 

Neither shall any notice, either written or printed be laid on the tables or put up in the Clubhouse, other than those agreed by the Chair of the relevant committee, without the agreement of a Flag Officer and / or the Duty Manager and payment of any fee due.

10. Gratuities:

No employee of the Club shall receive any gift, money or gratuity from any supplier of the Club. 

Albeit that no gratuity shall be expected or mandatory, any Club member may make a reasonable gratuity to catering staff for their services. 

No other payment should be made by any individual Club member to any Club employee.

11. Impropriety of Conduct: 

Any impropriety of conduct affecting the character of a member, or any infraction of these Rules and regulations shall be noted by the Social Committee who shall, if they deem it advisable, at once report it to a Flag Officer.  The Member so offending is liable to disciplinary action under the Constitution, paragraph 13.

12. Dogs:

Members may not bring dogs beyond the car park except for the purpose of taking them directly to and from a boat, when the dog shall be on a short lead.  Dogs must be taken away from the Club premises to be exercised and members must ensure they clear up after their dogs.

13. Swimming:  No swimming, or such like, shall be permitted from the Club premises other than during a capsize on the Broad.

14. Emptying of Boat Toilets:

No sea toilets are allowed to be used within the confines of the Club shore moorings and all other boat toilets must be emptied at an appropriate facility, and not at or on the Club premises.

15. Suggestion and Complaints:

A book, for this purpose is kept in the bar area and may be used by any member.  

Any suggestion or complaint must be signed by the member making it. 

These matters will be raised at the next meeting of the Management Committee or sooner should a Flag Officer or the Duty Manager feel it necessary.

16. All children’s play equipment brought onto club grounds must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

17. Reference to the Management Committee:

Anything not provided for by these Rules shall be referred to the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.


Revised 05/16