Proposed 2017 fees

The Norfolk Broads Yacht Club is always welcoming new members.

To apply for membership of please download and complete a Membership form and a New Member Sponsor form. 
Completed forms and fees should be sent to:

Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
The Avenue
NR12 8TS

If you have any questions please contact the NBYC Office on Tel. 01603 782808

or email

Subscriptions – 2017
  Full – 28 years of age and over £261.00
  Intermediate – 23-27 years of age £155.00
  Spouse or widow of both preceding categories £145.00
  Youth – 18-22 years of age £104.00
  Junior – 8 -17 years of age £57.00
  Overseas £76.00
  Student (studying outside of Norfolk & Suffolk) £76.00

**NEW FAMILY MEMBERSHIP STARTED IN 2014 (1 full member, 1 spouse & 1 or more juniors) £433.00** 

**NEW SENIOR MEMBERSHIP RATE (for new members and existing members if they so wish – members over 65 & whose combined age in years and total years of membership exceeds eighty) 75% of full/spouse membership

Exisiting Seniors, your rate will remain fixed but not less than 50% of the full fee

Registration Fees – CURRENTLY REDUCED TO £0
  Usually £25.00 and payable by any member on joining the Club, when aged 23 years and over.
Age shall be taken as that attained on the 1st January.

Membership Notes

  1. All age categories are governed by the age of a member at 1st January of the season concerned.
  2. Registration fees and subscriptions are due with this application form.  Subsequent subscriptions and mooring fees are due annually on the 1st January of each year.
  3. In the event of non-election, monies accompanying this application will be refunded.
  4. Applicants who are new to the area/do not know any existing members should contact the Club for details how to join.
  5. Details of mooring fees can be found on the Mooring Application form